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Locking Parklands Masterplanning Context

LeisureDome is pleased to present its proposals to deliver a regional extreme sport and recreation facility at Locking Parklands, Weston-super-Mare.

The proposed site for the LeisureDome extends to 5.2 hectares (12.7acres) and is located on the former RAF Base at Locking.

This major brownfield site, accessed off the A371, is owned by the Homes & Community Agency who has subsequently appointed St.Modwen Properties Plc as their development partner.

An Enquiry by Design (EbD) event for the Locking site was held in November 2006 and involved local residents, Councillors, North Somerset Officers, statutory agencies and other key stakeholders. The principles from the EbD have been subsequently defined, culminating in the approval and implementation of the Phase 1 development (100 residential units and 5219sqm B1 offices).

The North Somerset Council Core Strategy (Publication Version, January 2011) promoted two distinctive neighhoods: Winterstoke Village and Parklands Village. The Core Strategy requires Parklands Village to deliver employment led mixed use regeneration including circa 3,300 new homes.

The proposed LeisureDome will be a key driver in the early delivery of employment led regeneration, creating in the region of 583 direct jobs and 280 indirect jobs.

The LeisureDome proposal sits within the wider masterplan for Locking Parklands, based on the EbD 2006 masterplan and emerging work. The position of the proposed development has been informed by three key issues:
  • Topography: This has been identified as the preferred position to reduce the scale and massing of the building and minimise any potential impact upon committed and future development.
  • Local Centre / Public Realm: The proposed LeisureDome will provide a strong frontage onto the proposed park and directly link with wider activities in and around the proposed park.
  • Transport: The proposed LeisureDome has a strong relationship for cars, public transport, pedestrians and cyclists. Ensuring early delivery of the north/south route to serve the Parklands Village.
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