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The Proposal

Organisation Concept - Floor Plans

LeisureDome has been designed as an integrated recreational facility but with a clear focus on the longest indoor ski slope in the UK. When entering the building through the front door, or buying a ticket, the visitor will be able to look into the ski slope and will also be aware of the multiple levels of activities within the complex. From the eating and meeting areas on the “warm side” there will be good views into the “cold side”.

A main internal East-West street will connect to the shops, food court and recreational activities with visible stairs and lifts leading to the various public levels. Wherever possible, views into the recreation zones will be provided, and there will be ample space for seasonal or specialist activities. A tunnel has been provided through the rear of the building that leads visitors directly into the street, ensuring no parking space is more than 250m from an entrance.

Site Layout

The 12.7 acre site for LeisureDome is relatively flat with a slope of about 1.2m from a high point in the SW to a low point near the Grumblepill Rhyne to the NE.

This orientation offers a number of benefits:

  • Many of the public areas within the building will benefit from good daylighting and controllable sunlight.
  • The large restaurant and meeting room terrace on the first floor will overlook the new park and benefit from winter sun for extended use.
  • The highest point of the building has been positioned to the east of the site to minimise overshadowing on the proposed park and to reduce visual impact on the existing residential developments of Locking, Flowerdown and Locking Grove.
  • The careful location of the building on the site, allows for a number of TPO and good quality trees to be retained at the periphery of the site, particularly in the proposed park area.
  • The building frontage responds to the proposed North-South link road & central proposed park and is consistent with the emerging Locking Parklands masterplan framework.

The construction of the longest ski slope in the UK will require a large building. However, the topography and principles of proportion, massing and scale have helped to allow the building to sit comfortably within this low lying area of Locking Parklands.

  • The building is 33,112m² (356,000 ft²) in size.
  • The building rises in scale from 12m (39ft) at the front, to 61m (200ft) at the back.

The building will incorporate:

  • An indoor ski box - 10,270m² (110,500 ft²)
  • Food retail - 1237m² (13,315 ft²)
  • Non-food retail - 2536m² (27,300 ft²)
  • A health club - 1373m² (14,780 ft²)
  • Indoor Surfing - 1177m² (12,670 ft²)
  • An indoor climbing wall - 778m² (8375 ft²)
  • A skateboard & BMX park - 696m² (7490 ft²)
  • Conference meeting rooms - 364m² (3920 ft²)
  • An indoor sky-diving tower - 631m² (6790 ft²)
  • Additional activity space - 2340m² (25,185 ft²)
  • 682 vehicle parking spaces

  • The building will be a powerful wedge shape design, dramatically reflecting the section through the ski zone.
  • The LeisureDome will create a new landmark building for Weston-super-Mare.
  • The building has a human scale on the west and east side, consistent with future development around proposed park.
  • The internal 'street' along the southern side of building varies in height using an undulating roof (2 & 3 storey) which contrasts sharply with the dynamic wedge and helps to bring the building down to human scale within the car park area.

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