Latest News: Planning approval granted for £50 million Leisuredome. Thank you for all your support!

Visual Assessment & Landscape

A detailed visual impact assessment has informed the design development. This has included the siting of the building, its setting within the existing topography and established vegetation and the choice of building materials.

Visual Impact Assessment

  • A visual appraisal was undertaken in March, when visibility was greatest prior to trees leafing out.
  • Typical viewpoints for the visual assessment were agreed with North Somerset Council.
  • A range of publicly accessible views were assessed from local, middle distance and distant viewpoints.
  • Key views of the proposed LeisureDome will be from the M5 motorway and A370 approach to Weston-super-Mare.
  • Proposed tree planting in the LeisureDome car park will, in time, soften local views.
  • The building colour has been selected to minimise its prominence and help integrate the building into the landscape.

Levels and Landscape setting

  • The building has been set at a floor level of 6.75 A.O.D. to sit comfortably at the level of the new access road and the new park to the West. This will also ensure the building remains safely out of the 100 year flood zone.
  • Car parking and landscape areas will slope gently away from the building to ensure adequate drainage is provided and level access is possible for disabled users at every entrance.
  • 6.75 A.O.D. is about 15 metres below the level of the housing of Locking Grove and adjacent new development which helps reduce the apparent size of the LeisureDome from many residential areas.
  • At the east end of the site, the LeisureDome will be separated from the Grumblepill Rhyne by a belt of dense planting and an integrated close boarded fence to ensure the creation of a dark corridor along the rhyne for bats. This will be extended north and south as Locking Parklands develops.
  • Rainwater attenuation ponds for both this parcel and the greater Locking Parklands site will be developed along the Grumblepill Rhyne and the various green fingers that stretch westward from the rhyne, in line with the scheme developed for Phase 1.
  • The building colour has been selected to minimise its prominence and help integrate the building into the landscape.

Landscape Design

  • Wherever possible, the best quality existing trees will be retained.
  • Substantial new planting of large tree species is proposed. These will include; Oak, Beech, Hornbeam, Alder, Pine and Dawn Redwood.
  • Native tree and shrub planting belts are proposed to the car park perimeter.
  • Enhancement of the Grumblepill Rhyne corridor is proposed with native planting, whilst observing Internal Drainage Board access requirements.
  • Semi ornamental shrub planting is proposed at the site entrance for year round interest.
  • A reed bed within the attenuation basin will treat surface water runoff from the car park, before discharge into Grumblepill Rhyne.

Alpine McCannix Motion Ramp Park
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